The importance of promotional products

Statistics show –

  • 8 out of 10 consumers have 1 to 10 promotional products

  • Six out of 10 such consumers keep promotional products with them for up to two years

  • 85% of people do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item

  • 31% of consumers own a promotional bag

  • 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser even two years after receiving a promotional product

  • 63% of consumers give away their promotional products when not needed

Why Brand?

If you are a company who is trying to push your brand or are arranging a launch, an exhibition, a festival or anything which puts your potential customers in front of you…..maybe it’s time to think about branded merchandise.

A lot of companies consider branded products but either leave it too late or, during the rush, select the wrong product for their potential clients.

Not only does branded merchandise put your company name in your clients hand, pocket, head…if you select the correct product you can stay there.

Not only does branded merchandise put your company name in your clients hand, pocket, head…if you select the correct product you can stay there.

Branding World can help you select the correct product for your event, using our knowledge of current trends and experience.

What can I brand?

The answer is pretty much everything. From pens to bags, mugs to beach towels, if a product can take a print, it can be branded.

We get asked to brand all sorts of things and 9 times out of 10, we can do it. More common products which we can brand are –

  • Pens (over 1,000 different types available)
  • Bags – from reusable cotton shoppers to ruck sacks
  • Electronics – pedometer watches, power banks, flash drives to name a few
  • Ceramics – From your basic Cambridge mug to tea pots and glassware.
  • Wristbands – silicone or fabric wristbands are one of the most popular options
  • Lanyards – again a very popular item for festivals or exhibitions
  • Sunglasses – Both frames and lenses can be printed.

Printing methods

Printing on multiple surface textures can cause issues for small printing companies, but Branding World uses the latest techniques available when producing your branded merchandise.

Some print methods used –

Dye-Sublimation: A dye-sublimation printer is a computer printer which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. The results are of a very high quality.

Digital Print: Uses CMYK colours to duplicate digital images. Ideal for paper inserts. Good quality printing.

Tampo printing: Image transferred to products using a rubber/plastic pad.This method works well on uneven surfaces.

Silkscreen Printing: Stencil created of artwork and then ink is applied to the product in the specified colours. Good for textiles and bags.

Why Us?

Branding World is part of Stribbons Inc, who are one of the largest packaging manufacturers in the World. The company has been going for over 30 years and has offices in the UK, America and China.

The merchandising side of the business came naturally to us, as our packaging client’s would ask for ‘that something extra’ to go with the product or launch, so we started providing branded merchandise.

We now deal with over 1000 companies worldwide and this is growing every month. Join Branding World now and let us help you plan your event or product launch!